And now there are two

Apologies but it has been a while since my last post – the reason – another little boy to add to the family.

And here he is – introducing Leo William Smart – usually known as “that one”, “the smallest one” or “the other one”

I guess I should start at the beginning really.  Leo decided to enter the world two weeks before we were expecting him.  Ill share the grizzly details of the birth – it actually started amazingly well.  I knew I was in labour in the night and actually managed to go back to sleep until the morning.  Matt then took Ollie to his mums and we calmly got an uber to the hospital.  We were checked into the birthing centre and even went to get a coffee and breakfast before the contractions got too strong.  I was even in the birthing pool with mirror and vitamin K injection at the ready before Leo decided to do a complete U turn and not come to meet us after all. There is a horrible story with a pine nut which will haunt me forever to put it mildly – but ill keep that to myself.

To cut a long story short – I ended up in theatre and a few tugs with forceps, a spinal block and a bit of a bruised and battered fight later he was here – not so much born as extracted.

I will never forget the moment the midwife told me he was a boy – A BOY – what???  I was expecting a girl.  I already had a boy and I wanted a girl – he was also so skinny and small and vulnerable and utterly adorable so the want for a girl was immediately diminished and replaced with guilt for not accepting how great it would be to have two boys from the start

The funny thing is how many people are quick to commiserate with you about not having a girl -it seems at the moment boys are two a penny and girls are gold dust.  One thing is for sure – my boys are extra extra special.


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