The proper way to play with a mobile

A few weeks before Ollie was born we bought a lovely cot mobile with rainforest animals twirling around to a lovely sleep evoking tune for him to look at and be lulled off to sleep.  We used to think of him lying there cooing at it before going to sleep for the night.  Of course, in reality, this never ever happened.

The cot mobile actually became his absolute favourite toy when he was about six months old but not because he could watch it float about above his head, oh no, because he could pull it down as far as it would go before putting it in between his feet and pushing it onto the mattress then suddenly letting go so the whole thing flew up to the other side of the cot, then he would roll about laughing.  The only problem with this was he would continuously break the arms of the mobile.  Ollie would then look at the offending broken article as if it was stupid enough to break before crying as if the world had ended as his favourite toy in the world wasn’t working.

It was then a rush against time before amazon prime could bring us a new arm and normal service would be resumed for the next week, until the arm was broken again.

Something tells me my son may be slightly destructive. – I think we have now been through 8 arms.  Matt keeps telling me not to buy new ones – he knows I will though.




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