things I said I would never say


When I heard people saying to their children “Mummy says” I always thought it sounded awful and I would never ever do it.  Oh don’t get me wrong I would love Ollie to call me Mummy but I never in a million years did I think I would be happy to refer to myself as Mummy with such happy abandon. Now I am constantly being heard saying “Ollie Mummy’s here” or “Ollie now Mummy wants you to eat your dinner” or “Mummy thinks it is time Ollie had a little sleep now” – and not just behind closed doors, oh no it seems these involuntary sentences aren’t picky about when they are used, in coffee shops, supermarkets, libraries or anywhere else I go these days.

So please, if anyone hears me uttering such sentences do tell me to shut up as I think the part of my brain containing the ability to curb such self referral fell out when Ollie was born.

And as if that isn’t bad enough I actually heard myself saying “Has Ollie done a poeypoeypoey” – and again I was out at a friends house.  I am sure she heard me.  I was mortified and I promise never to do it again. – Well promise is a bit strong – I just can’t help it!

Oh and as an aside, I just caught myself referring to Matt as “Daddy”.


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