Oscar the cat

So before we had Ollie we had, and I should say we still have, two Bengal cats, Oscar and Charlie.  They used to be able to sleep wherever they wanted, have their dinner any time of day or night anywhere they wanted and generally owned the roost.  However, when we bought Ollie home from the hospital, the little precious bundle in his huge oversized car seat, they were banished.  Get off the sofa, get out of the moses basket, get down from the kitchen sink and please get out of the bedrooms – were pretty much all the words they heard for the next few months.  As we got used to Ollie being about and realised he wasn’t going to die if a cat hair landed on him, Oscar and Charlie were gradually allowed to venture further into the flat.  Charlie is slightly ferrel and to be honest couldn’t really give a stuff (although he now loves nothing better than putting on an amazing display of torturing a mouse and then killing it – right outside the patio doors while I am hosting all the NCT mums and their babies – horror stories for babies eat your heart out) but I think our treatment of our fluffy friends has had a pronounced affect on Oscar – you see I now think he wants to be a baby.

Every morning he can be found curled up in the Bumbo or the high chair – and, to give him credit, manages to look amazingly comfortable.  He follows Ollie all around the flat shouting at him as only an oscar can do – and sniffing and licking his face at every opportunity.  When Ollie is on his playmat it is very rare that an Oscar is not lying beside him putting up with having his tail, ears and whiskers pulled and generally being mauled – as if this strange form of affection is better than nothing.  He has even been known to lie underneath the Jumperoo as Ollie bounces as high as possible and hits him on the head with every bounce – again the poor cat just seems to put up with it, almost as if he sees it as one of his chores.  If he wants to be a baby he must learn everything about babies – then maybe one day he will get given a bubble bath followed by milk in a bottle and then tucked up in the cot for the night.

Until then – he must put up with Ollie.  Good luck Oscar





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