conquering nap times


Im feeling pretty smug as I am writing this now while little face is in his cot snoozing.  It does happen, finally he sleeps when I think he will and I get time to watch Jeremy Kyle or hoover or sit down and write things like this.  But, believe me, it was a massive, huge, mammoth battle to finally get here.

I always knew he would sleep but there was always a sense of dread that perhaps he was the great non-sleeping baby.  There were days when he would go 10 hours without closing those eye lids – he would scream and wriggle around fighting sleep and was pretty successful in making me feel as if I was going to go mad.  I would walk around the flat rocking his squirming little body in my arms for hours, until finally, when I realised there was only 5 minutes left until his bedtime, we were both wet with tears, I would relent and put on Peppa Pig – nap time was over and a total disaster.

The problem is he is the grumpiest baby in London if he doesn’t get enough sleep and I knew if I could only get him to relent and have a rest everything would be better.  All the other babies were having naps – why wouldn’t he?  Maybe there was something wrong with him, maybe this was just the start of all the other things he would do wrong.  I decided nap times would be the make or break of him.  If he slept he would be a member of Mensa by the age of ten and if not he was destined for a life of crime and drugs – oh the pressure.

So when he was about six months old I just left him to cry, it was hard, it was heartbreaking and it was horrible but I turned the volume down on the monitor and didn’t go back into his room and miraculously after about 20 minutes he rolled over and went to sleep for about two hours.  This happened day after day and now is actually a routine – We did it.  Now I am not sure if i can take the credit for this – he may have just decided all by himself sleep wasn’t so bad but I am taking it as a victory – I need all the victories I can get.

Of course it now means I am a prisoner in my own home between 3pm and 5pm but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.


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