5.54am every day

Now don’t get me wrong I am aware my son is special and the most amazing, beautiful little boy who every walked the earth (not that he can walk, or crawl – but thats another post) but now I think he also may be the most intelligent baby ever.

You see there is a clock on the shelves above his cot.  It is very cute and he was given it when he is born and I think he wakes up, looks at it and waits until exactly 5.54am every day before shouting into his monitor – you know, those lovely dulcet little tones which have replaced my alarm clock these days.  Now I wouldn’t be so suspicious if the time varied just ever so slightly but it never does, not even by a minute.  He goes in his cot at around the same time every night but doesn’t always go to sleep at the same time – so how does this happen?  All I can think is he is a baby genius with an ability to read an analogue clock at 9.5 months old.

Any suggestions on how to put the clock to 7.54 more than welcome – in fact paid for – with vast amounts of cash – ohhh a lie in – how I dream of a lie in.


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